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See below for some examples of our recent extension projects.

Extensions Case Studies


Thelland was one of our favourite projects and one we’re happy to showcase. It was an extensive renovation and refurbishment project, which included the installation of a home entertainment system.

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Located in the heart of Bookham, our Elmfield project involved the building of a rear extension, with steel works and refurbishment throughout the property.

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Northcote Crescent

Our second project in Northcote Crescent, involved an extension, refurbishment and other alterations to a property which had fallen into a state of disrepair.

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Oakhurst was a three-phase extension and refurbishment project that involved the building of a large kitchen extension and alterations to the entire ground floor.

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Grove Side

Grove Side involved the building of a kitchen extension, which included the use of steel works to create a wonderful vaulted ceiling. Plus a refurbished living room and bathroom.

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Crabtree Lane

The Crabtree Lane project involved a single storey rear extension for a kitchen, which required structure steel works to accommodate a raised decking area.

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The Brambles

The Brambles involved the full-scale renovation of a bungalow. Having received planning permission, we completely stripped out the property, removing both external and internal walls, so the existing floor space could be doubled in size.

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Northcote entailed the complete refurbishment of a property to accommodate two double-sided storey extensions, which involved the installation of complex large steel structures on site to facilitate the work.

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Middle Inhams

Our Middle Inhams project was a large double-storey side and front extension that also included the construction of an underground wine cellar, four bathrooms, as well as other structural changes to the property.

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